• Dr.Stinky

    It was 2022, almost ten years after the William McKinley High School Class of 2011 graduated. Kurt Hummel walked into his former high school, with his friend Rachel Berry, for their reunion. He dreaded coming back, as he remembered getting bullied. He recently broke up with his high school sweetheart, Blaine Anderson. Blaine cheated on poor Kurt with Sebastian. Oh how Kurt hated Sebastian. Kurt saw his old friends. But the one who really caught his eyes was Sam Evans. Sam didn't attend senior year. In fact, the only year he spent at McKinley was his junior year.

    "What are you doing here, Sam? You didn't even graduate here!" Kurt asked.

    "I came back for a little while" Sam answered. "Don't you remember?"

    "Maybe once. But you still didn't gradu…

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