So the auditions for clubs came to a close and the choir room was filled with the new members of New Directions. "Today we are getting ready for invitationals, Beth and Alex will take the leads to the song Don't Stop Believing by Journey," said Mr Schuester. "But Mr Schue that song is old," yelled May. "It might be old but it is a crowd pleaser," replied Mr Schuester. "Yeah read my mum sang that when she was in New Directions," said Beth.

Invitationals came around really fast and it was the night they had all been waiting for. "ok Kids tonight will be your first ever performance infront of a real audiance, good luck," said Mr Schuester. "Ok this is th moment I have been waiting for since I was a little girl," said Alex. "me to Alex," replied Beth. "I can't go out there said Liam.

Ok there is part 2 done. Will New Directions rise the occasion or will it be an absolute train wreck.............. wait for next chapter to find out..