A group of new kids walk down the hallway ok mkinley high school in Ohio. "hey you over there what is you name," said Alex. "Im Beth," "really cool anme what are you doing," "signing up for cheerios and glee club," "cool, i will be the star of glee club, my talent is undesputable," "ok im not that good," "bye"

Beth paitently waited in line to see if she made the cheerios. Sue walked out scaring a couple of girls off "ok, now if you here your name get a uniform and change into it," all the girls took a deep breath "Beth Corcoran, Amy Pearce, Annie wood, Lauren baites, and what ever your names are," Beth walked of feeling really good about herself.

Later that day in glee club audition there were a bunch of social outcast all lined up. "Hi Mr schuester i'm Alex Grant and ill be singing you belong with me by taylor swift" "your on the phone with you girl friend shes upset," "STOP, there is no need for you to keep going your amazing," "thank you so much,"

"Beth Corcoran," "i'm singing popular, form the musical wicked," "popular," "stop," will yelled "have I done something wrong," "no i just know talent when i see it," "thank you,"