Dakota and I walked into glee club only to be shocked by more surprises. There she was. In the place I thought I could escape her. Fricking Tiffany. She wasn't in her cheerios uniform, I suppose word got round to Coach Sylvester about it. Na, who am I kidding. I told coach sylvester just to be a bitch.

'What the HELL are YOU doing here!' I shouted at her. I was really ticked. 'I.. I.. I needed a place were I would be welcoomed.' Tiffany said. 'And.' Malia piped up. 'We would like to sing a song for you.' Yeah! Thats right! Mr Schue said that we would have a new member coming who was going though some hard times. I thought he ment Kritina Klaus. Her mom just died.

So we all got up and sang. Keep Holding on by Avril Lavigne. I saw tears in her eyes as we belted out the lyrics. I then realized that I needed to keep holding on. My mom, Quinn, Puck, it was all to much. I welt a headache coming as Malia hit the final note. Then I fainted.