Quinn, Puck,Beth and Harmony walked through Quinn's Mums front door. "Nan!!!" Yelled Harmony as she went to jump up on her lap. "Hello! How are you? And who is this?" Judy said, looking at Beth. "This is Beth Mum,our Daughter." "Wow, How old is she, she has Pucks Black Hair and your eyes Quinn."

"Hello." Said Beth in a shy way, "Nice to meet you" "Your not meeting me for the first time dear" replied Judy, "I was there when you were born." A sudden silence occured. "I think we had better be going to Pop's now" Said Puck. "Bye Nan!" Yelled Harmony as she ran out the door to the car. "By Dear, I hope I will see you soon Beth." " I hope so too" Said Beth while giving Judy a kiss on the cheek.

"Poppie!" Squeld Harmony, as she tried to pen Russel's Front Door. "Who is there?" Replied Russel, as if he was playing knock knock. " Harmony, and Mummy and Daddy and-" She was cut short as he opened the door, "Who is this?" Russel said as he looked down at Beth, "I almost said it was Beth!" Yelled Harmony, but Russel paid no attention to her what so ever. "Dad, this is Beth, our Daughter, she wanted to come and meet you." Replied Quinn as she looked at Beth, her soft Hazel eyes and her long, black hair. It was clear that Puck was looking at the same thing, aswell as Russell. "She is beautiful, isn't she" Said Russell, completely stunned, "Oh come in." "Sorry Russell, we had bet to get going to Grandma's and Aunty Celia's. "Goodbye, nice to meet you." Whispered Beth as she gave Russell a kiss. "Nice to meet you to, Beth."

"Puck" Said Beth as they were driving along the freeway to Puck's Mothers and Sisters House, "Waht was I named after?" " A song, Beth, I sang it for Quinn, and we chose that name after." Anyway, were almost there."

"Grandma! CC! Come out!" Yelled Harmony as she kept ringing the doorbell, "Please come out, please, please!" "I don't think they are home Harm, and neither is Aunty Frannie, she's out too." Said Quinn. " Maybe some other day." She said, looking at Beth. "That's Fine" Replied Beth. "I have to get back to Mum anyway."


Hope you enjoyed it!