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It had been 10 years since Quinn and Puck had given up Beth.

Quinn was now Mrs. Puckerman, and she and Puck had had 2 more children, Meledy and Harmony.

Shelby was planning to tell Beth she was adopted now, but she wanted Puck and Quinn to be there.

"Hello Gorgeous" said Quinn to Beth as she walked through Shelby's front door. "Hi" replied Beth, "Why are you here?" "Beth, Quinn and Puck have got something to say to you, but I think I should start." said Shelby.

"Beth, your umm, well your adopted." "WHAT!" Screamed Beth at the top of her lungs. "Me and Quinn are your birth Parents." Replied Puck. After that Beth ran up the staris and slammed her bedroom door.

"Thanks for doing this guys," Whispered Shelby to Puck and Quinn, "I appreciate it."

"It's ok" Chorused Puck and Quinn, "She had to find out sooner or later."

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