It had been 2 days since Beth found out she had been adopted. She had stayed in her room for those 2 days and was not eating or drinking.

"Beth, if you don't come down people will come to take you away!" Yelled Shelby. "To Puck and Quinn's House?"

"No Beth, they will take you away and I will never see you again." "But will they take me to my Mum and Dad's?" "Beth, I am your Mother! Get down right now or those people will come right away!" Beth thought about this, "I will only come down if you take me to Quinn and Puck's NOW!" Shelby was beaten. "Ok, I will give them a call and see if you can come over, just remember beth, they have got a newborn baby and Harmony, who is 5." "I love Babies!" Yelled Beth as she came jumping down the stairs.

Puck and Quinn were up, eating their breakfast with Harmony while Melody was sleeping. "Hi Mum, Hi Dad!" Said Beth as she walked through the door. Shelby Scolded her, "How many times have I told you I am your Mother!" Beth ignored this completely. " I wanted to ask you, could I see he rest of my Birth Family?" Quinn and Puck looked at eachother, and Harmony squeld, "Are you going to see Nan and Pop and then Grandma! And then maybe Aunty Frannie and Aunty Celia!" "Puck replied, "I think we are!"

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