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Is anyone here??

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Hey Britt

BrittBritt: Hey San!! Whatcha doing?

AuntieTana: trying to make my ears hear better because Hobbit hurt them singing her stupid song

BrittBritt: I’m reading a "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" to Lord Tubbington

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PromQueenQuinny: Hey Santana!! Hey Britt!

AuntieTana:hey Q


PromQueenQuinny: So whats everyone up to? I’m finding out a way to win Finn back from Barbra Streisand:P

AuntieTana: Sexting with Puckerman and fixing my ear

BrittBritt: Reading to Lord Tubbington

PromQueenQuinny: ummmm…..o..k..?? Hey guys remember cheerios practice?

AuntieTana: You mean when Puck was checking me out??:P

PromQueenQuinny: no, when Sylvester made V fall because she failed to do the double flip?

AuntieTana: yeah.. She did eat all those French Fries at lunch..

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FinnyHudson: hey guys

PromQueenQuinny:hey Finn


AuntieTana: hey Frankenteen

FinnyHudson:Hi Santana!!.... umm Rachel told me not to talk to you Quinn, sorry.... Because you might steal me

PromQueenQuinny: Why would I do that? Im dating Sam

FinnyHudson: oh ok. Cool

PromQueenQuinny: Hey Santana and britt, PM

AuntieTana and BrittBritt: kk

Private Message With PromQueenQuinny, AuntieTana, and BrittBritt:

PromQueenQuinny: OMG I want Finn back!!

AuntieTana: really? But hes dating Hobbit

PromQueenQuinny: I know but I still like him

AuntieTana: IDK what to tell you Q. Sorry

PromQueenQuinny: kay..thanks S

Back to main chat:

FinnyHudson: hey u guys still here??

AuntieTana: hold your horses Frankenteen yes we are here

FinnyHudson: kay cool... so what r u guys doing?

AuntieTana: thinking about you Finn LOL:P

BrittBritt: LOL:P

PromQueenQuinny: :P

FinnyHudson: really??

AuntieTana: of course not FRANKENTEEN, youre dating Hobbit

FinnyHudson: her names Rachel Santana!!

AuntieTana: Fine

BrittBritt: Hey I gotta go guys Lord Tubbington is getting fussy


  • Huggies*

AuntieTana :Byee Britt!! *hugs* text me later!!

PromQueenQuinny: bye Britt *hugs* see you at Cheerios practice tomorrow

B: kk

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FinnyHudson: sooooooo……

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BerrySweet: hello Finny! Hello Santana

AuntieTana: ugghhhh its Hobbit....... oops you saw me write that...... Hey Rachel

BerrySweet: you shouldn’t write mean things about people Santana

AuntieTana: whatzzzevverzz

FinnyHudson: Hey Rachel, did you finish shopping for new sweaters?

AuntieTana: OMG you were shopping for sweaters???!!! :O Where? At Banana Republic? LOL:P

BerrySweet: No!! I got them at Chanel!!

BerrySweet: Hey Finny I gotta go call me later

FinnyHudson: kay rach. Byee

BerrySweet: byee Finn bye Santana

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AuntieTana: Yay Hobbits gone!!

FinnyHudson: Stop Santana!!

AuntieTana: Just having a liitle fun Finny.... So what are you doing Finn?

FinnyHudson: im playing Halo

AuntieTana: ughhh boyss....

FinnyHudson: we are awesome!! :)

AuntieTana: *Rolls eyes* Hey Finn I gotta sext Puck more so byee

FinnyHudson: youre sexting Puck? I thought he was dating Lauren???..... Okk byee

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TroutyMoufSammy: COOL RANCH SAMRITOS!!!!

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MinaTike: Hey is anyone here??

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TrouthyMoufSammy :Hey guys

MinaTike: Hey


MinaTike: Ummmmmm o..k…. Byeee

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MinaTike: byee

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