This story will be Mercedes wrting in her diary about her feelings for Shane.

Dear Diary:

Mood: Lonely

Relationship Status: Very Very Single

Today was hard, everyone in Glee has someone that they love. Finn to Rachel, Santana to Brittany, Kurt to Blaine (oh, and did I mention that Blaine has come to my school now) and then theres me. I don't have anyone to lean on. I'm lonely and no-one even notices. I just want someone. Anyone. My relationships have been crap in the past, falling in love with a gay guy and falling for a guy who moved states. I just want somebody to love.

Love Mercedes.

Dear Diary:

Mood: Hopeful

Relationship Status: Unsure.

This morning as I was walking to my locker when I was hit with an icy-cherry slushie from Amizo. Surpirse, surprise there right? But as the tears started to form from the humiliation I felt strong hands lead me to the bathroom. I was so shocked that I didn't react, I only went with the man. Then....

A low husky voice rang throughout the bathroom "Hey. I'm Shane. Sit down, I'll help you clean this stuff off...I can't belive the loser did this to you."

As I did what Shane ordered I caught glimpses of his beautiful eyes as he washed the slushie form my weave. Everyone says that Rachel Berry has beautiful, brown eyes but Shane...they're magnificent. Shane and I talked about Amizo and how he is mean and making everyone feel like crap. After 40 minutes I started to look okay again I stood up to go change clothing but before i could Shane just held my hand and looked into my eyes, I was fighting the urge to lunge at him and kiss him silly but I just hanked him for helping me. Shane then took the step in and lightly pressed his strong lips to that was magical. "BBBBRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!" The bell totally ruined the moment! Shane said a sweet goodbye then we parted ways. I'm confused, I have feelings for Shane but will anything happen between us?

Love Mercedes

Basic stroy, I know but I'm not that good of a writer. Anyways, if you want more just ask, I kinda found this fun. :)