Sue's lemon

As Mr Schue put up the sign up sheets for glee club he knew that none of the popular kids would sign up like Sue's cheerios Santana, Brittany and Quinn or the footballers like Finn, Mike or Puck. So as putting up his sheets that in mind wrote that anyone can join including zeros. Kids came around ad saw the sheets including zeros Tina, Artie and Mercedes but as Santana, Brittany and Quinn walked by the sign and caught their eye. "Sign up for glee club..." read Santana, "It's the new cool in school..." Brittany followed. "It's the best thing you will ever do.." Quinn read on. "We better report this to coach Slyvester." said Quinn. the girls rushed to Sue's office to find her talking to a lemon.Sue adressed them, "Hi girls this is squeezie my pet lemon.. Ahh Brittany just the person i wanted see... You see sqeezeie here needs to be looked after and I think your the girl to do that. So will you do it." "Umm, Of coarse coach how hard can it be." 'Good,BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T LOOK AFTER IT YOUR TOAST. If anything happens to this lemon your history." "But coach I thought you siad I was toast before." " Just look after him." 'Him?' "Okay i'm confused??" said Santana. "Well if your confused what about me????" replied Brittany. "Girls I trust you and DON'T SCREW THIS UP, okay." "What have we got up next?" asked Brittany. "Sience." repiled Santana. "O no." "What, Santana??" "Well in science we are doing a project and our project is ivisble ink rember." "So??" "So remember what's in it water and LEMON."