Lemon 2
"All well what's the worst that can happen??" asked Brittany. "Someone cuts it open.." "But we both know not to." "But Sam doesn't, You know how dumb he is." replied Santana. "Yeah???" said Brittany dumb-founded. They both walked to science class and guess who was waiting for them....Sam. "Hey guys, What up??" "Wait you don't that the sky's up." said Brittany. "I mean WHAT'S GOING ON." "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, not much, looking after Sue's pet lemon." "And me, the usaul, picking on Jacob Ben Israel and Kurt."said Santana. "I helped to" said Brittany. "So you have to look after lemon?????" "Yes!!!" "Okay weried" "So, Sam did you bring lemon?" asked Santana. "NO!!!" "What are going to do now." "Use Sue's "NO!!!!" the girls repiled. "If you use Sue's she will kill us." "Well we could buy her another one." "It's worth a try!!

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