Okay, actually, new idea. Beth is head cheerio at William McKinley. She hates the glee club, slushies them, etc. She is living with Shelby and has known she was adopted since she was 10, but is itching to meet her biological mother, Quinn. She joins the glee club eventually and meets quinn and Puck through Mr Schue.

Rachel and Finn are married, in New York. Rachel is a broadway star, and they have two children.

Santana and Brittany are married, and adopted an orphan from Georgia.

Quinn is married to Sam and living in Tennesee.

Blaine and Kurt are married, with no children.

Puck is not married, but dating.Still in Lima

Mike and Tina are married, but Tina is an actress and singer in LA and they live there with their son, Charles.

Artie is still single in Lima

Mr and Mrs Emma Schuester still work at WMHS, Emma is still guidance councelor, and Will still takes glee and spanish, they have twins, Emily and Jessica, who are 20, and also teachers at WMHS. (which is confusing, Mrs Schuester, Mr Schuester, and two Miss Schuesters. ;-) )

Brad's still Mr Piano man/furniture.

Sue is a cheer coach.

Mercedes is dating Shane.

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