Pairings are: Finn+ Rachel, Quinn+ Puck, Brittnay+ Santanna, Sam+ Mercedes, Tina+ Mike, Blaine+ Kurt

The next GenreationEdit

Melanie Hudson: Loves to sing. She is in the glee club and has a really good voice. She can play the piano.

Robbie Hudson: is a footballer at McKinley High. He doesn't like to sing

Valentina Hudson: a cheer leader who has a great spirit.

Emma Chang: Tina and Mikes only child. She can sing

Crystal: Sam and Mercedes kid. She has a really good voice but hardly gets any spotlight

Whitney: Sam and Mercedes other kid. She is named after Whitneu Houston

Beth: Quinn and Pucks kid. A cheerleader

Donte: Puck and Quinns other kid.

Jasper: Brittnay and Santanna's kid. Artie is his dad. Santanna is his mom

Rosie: Brittnay and Santanna's kid. Artie is the dad due to a suragote. Santanna is her mom

Marley: Blanie and Kurts kid. Brittnay is his mom, Blaine is his dad.

Savannah: Will and Emma's kid.

A un likely meetingEdit

It was a Friday. Melanie was in her fave club. Glee club. She could sing and she knew that she was one of the best singers in that club.

Crystal: hey Mel, you seem quiet... something wrong?

Melanie: no... why would there be?

Crystal: let me geuss... Jasper?

Melanie: yup. He wants me to meet his mom and mom

Crystal: don't you mean mom and dad?

Melanie:no mom and mom. you know two women

Crystal: no way! who knew!

(Santanna enters the school)

Santanna: hello?

Rosie: mom... what are you doing here?

Santanna: I am here to speak with Glee club

Rosie:don't embarras Jasper or his girlfriend

Santanna: Jasper has a girlfriend who?

Rosie: Melanie Hudson

Santanna: no way. How come no one told me?

Rosie: just go

(Santanna walks into glee club, Jasper tries to hide his face)

Will: class here is an old pupil at Mc Kinlley Santanna Lopez!

Santanna: hey... wow good to be back

Melanie: I think I've heard of Santanna Lopez

Santanna: whats your name?

Melanie: (smiles) Melanie Hudson

Crystal: hey you might know my mom and dad.... Sam and Mercedes?

Santanna: wow. Tina and Mikes kids anywhere?

Emma: here...

Santanna: Mr S. this is like the old new directions reborn

Jasper: mom just-

Melanie: wait she's your mom!

Jasper: yes... I was going to get you to meet her at dinner tonight

Santanna: that would be a great idea... your mom will be so happy

Jasper: mom!

Donte: woah... she's gay!?

Marley: shut up he is my half brother and my dad is gay

Will: guys! We should call this meeting a day

(End of school, Finn and Rachel come out of a movie studio)

Rachel: did you text the kids?

Finn: yeah. hey after this movie is done maybe we could visit Mc Kinnley?

Rachel: yeah!


Brittnay: hey San... Jasper.... who is this?

Santanna: Finn and Rachels kid. Melanie

Brittnay: oh, welcome

Melanie: thanks