===&nbsp 6 Years After the Wedding===

"Shane, I love You." Whispered Mercedes.

"Mummy, Daddy! Look What I Drew!" Screamed Annabelle as she ran down the hallway. "What is it Sweetie?" Said Shane. "It's a Pig that's A clown! It's Funny, Isn't It!?" "Yeah, It Is!"


There was a knock at the door. "Oh My God, Sam, Brittany!?" Shouted Mercedes. "Why are we here?" Questioned a little Blonde Haired, Trouty Mouthed Boy. "Because I want to see someone." Said Sam to the little Boy.

Brittany then butted in Mercedes and Sam's Converation, "His Name's Austin, I named him after Austin Powers." Shane and Annabelle Came to the Door.

"What's Your Name?" Said Annabelle, "Do you Want to come in and Play Ponies?" "No Way! Ponies are for Girls." Screamed Austin, I wanna go Home!

Ok, Sorry, again, I will write a bit more later.