Chapter 5

Coach Bieste: *In locker room* We have a new player joining us on the field. Give *coughs* him a chance. *coughs* He knows what he’s doing.

*On the field*

Finn: Okay. We’re gonna do what we normally do. Break!

Puck: Hey I’m Puck

Annabelle *in deep voice*: An…Andrew.

Puck: Cool, good luck.

*Last quarter, Finn scores touchdown.*

Finn: Hey, I want Andrew to take this goal.

Annabelle *thinking*: Oh Shit.

Finn: You ready?

Annabelle: Yeah… I mean, YEAH!

*Kicks goal, game finishes they win*

Annabelle: HOWZAT????!!!!! *lol, cricket*

*Back in locker room*

Coach Bieste: Andrew, you can take off your helmet now.

*Takes of helmet*

Annabelle: You seriously thought I was a guy? I thought you would have noticed; I can’t play for shit.

Puck: You’re great.

Annabelle: And I thought you would of taken a hint, from the Howzat. Since your always spying on me and Donna playing backyard cricket.

*share a smile* *everyone goes home*


Puck: Hey.

Annabelle: Oh, hai!

Puck: Do you wanna… go out to breadsticks, Thursday.

Annabelle: 7:30, be there.

Puck: *smiles*