Sorry for taking so long! Here it is!

Chapter four:

Puck: So you must be Isabelle.

Annabelle: It’s Annabelle

Puck: Whatever. You’re hot.

Annabelle: You’re hitting on me and I don’t even know your name!

Puck: Puck Puckerman.

Annabelle: You still can’t hit on me.

Puck: But your totally my type!

Annabelle: Yes, but your not mine. I’m more into… tall quarterbacks *glances at Finn*

*Bell rings* *Puck disheartened L*

Annabelle: Hey, I didn’t say we couldn’t be friends!

Puck: *smiles* Lunch?

Annabelle: Sure! *walks to class*

Puck: Yes! *punches air.*

(in glee club, three days later).

Will: Okay, we gotta start working on our set list for sectionals.

Rachel: Okay. I have the perfect Barbra song planned out for me to sing, and a flirty duet for Finn and I. Also, I choreographed some different swaying movements for those lesser singers.

Will: Actually, Rachel we’ll be having tryouts for a pop duet, and a group number.

Rachel: Be prepared to be blown away! Finn, we have to sing a duet for tryouts.

Finn: No, Rachel. I’m gonna let someone else have it.

Rachel: But where the glee clubs best on-stage couple. Do you want to win Sectionals or not?

Finn: Yes, but we won last year with Sam and Quinn. We can win again with someone else.

Rachel: Whose side are you on? I thought you loved me?

Finn: I do, but you love yourself to much.

Rachel: What are you saying, that I’m not good enough for you?

Finn: Rachel, you have an amazing voice, but for once, when I don’t wanna sing with you, it’s a huge fuss!

Rachel: Fine. Be that way. I quit. *storms out of room*

Mercedes: She’ll be back. Sectionals are in four weeks. We’ve got time.

*Bell rings as it does after an awesome cliffhanger in glee*

Annabelle: *with Rachel in hall* : Why the hell would you do that? Finn loves you.

Rachel: Why do you care?

Annabelle: Because you’re a great singer!

Rachel: Finn doesn’t seem to think so.

Annabelle: He didn’t say that you weren’t!

Rachel: Why won’t he sing with me then?

Mercedes approaches: Look, majority of times Mr Schue’s had auditions, you’ve won them anyway.

Rachel: Good point. But I’m trying to get into Nyada, and I need Finn’s support!

Mercedes:…Kurt! You could do a duet wih Kurt!

Rachel: What?

Annabelle: The equally talented guy that’s trying to get into nyada with the same dreams!

Rachel: You guys rock!