"You stole them all Rachel! How could you do that?!" Yelled Quinn. "No I didn't Quinn! Finn, Puck and Sam left you!" "But they could have come back if you didn't get with them!" "Quinn, I know what it feels like." "NO You Don't. You have no idea, they all come back to you!" "Quinn.." "Just go away Rachel." "But," "NOW!"

Rachel was in the Choir room with Sam, Finn and Puck. "Quinn's really mad at me." "Why?" Said the concerned Finn. "Because you all left her and came to me." "Hey, wait, I didn't come to you, you asked to go to the prom with me." Said Sam. "That's not her point." Said Puck. "I actually was planning to, well you know, ask her out again." The room was quiet.

"Quinn, Quinn!" "I told you to get away Rachel!" "It's important Quinn. Get here!" "Fine, if it's that important." "Well, There is someone waiting for you at the Choir Room." "I can't go back there, yet.Not Just Yet, anyway" "But, But" Rachel Muttered.

"Puck, she said she's not coming. She said she can't come back yet." "Tell her it's to do with, well I don't know, about something old that's come back up." "Fine." Muttered Rachel, because she was tired of being messenger. The boys sat down to watch the rest of the Girls sing Telephone.

"Quinn." "What did I tell you Rachel, unless it's the most important thing in the world, I'm not coming." "It's about something old that has just come back up." "Not Lucy Caboosey!" "No, something different."

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