Kurt stared at Blaine as he sang, almost missing his own line. As they danced around the room, he wondered why Blaine wanted to practice this song with him . . . and was he purposely flirting or was he just really into the song?

The two boys sat on the couch, closer together than friends normally do, as the last notes of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” rang throughout the room. Kurt gazed into Blaine’s eyes adoringly. Before either boy knew what Kurt was doing, he leaned close enough to where their breath mingled. He leaned all the way in, and his lips found Blaine’s. After three seconds, the reality of the situation hit him. Kurt wasn’t dreaming—he was kissing Blaine, for real this time. Wait, he was kissing Blaine Anderson; he wasn’t supposed to do that!

Kurt pulled back quickly, barely glancing at an immensely confused Blaine. Kurt stumbled as he stood up. Running out the doors, he heard Blaine calling, but he didn’t stop.

“Kurt! Kurt, wait! We need to talk about this!”

Kurt wasn’t paying attention and nearly ran into . . . is that Mr. Shue?

“Whoa,” the curly-haired man said, “Kurt? Where are you going? And why are you running?”

Avoiding the topic, Kurt asked, “Mr. Shuester? What are you doing here?”

“I was coming to pay you a visit . . . What’s wrong?”

“I . . . uh . . . um . . .”

"Kurt!” he heard someone running from behind him.

“Shoot . . . uh . . . I need to go . . .” the boy mumbled, but as he tried to step passed, his old teacher stopped him.

Panicking, Kurt shouted, “Let me through!”

Will shook his head, just as Blaine caught up to them. He put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder, turning him around. “Kurt. You don’t just kiss someone and run away afterwards,” Blaine said, trying to catch his breath.

Mr. Shue’s eyes widened and he walked away to give the boys a little space and privacy.

"Umm . . . I . . . uh . . .” Kurt stuttered.

Blaine leaned in and gave the other boy a quick kiss on the lips. “Ooh, your lips are delicious . . .” he sang.

Kurt blushed, grinning. Realizing they were still in the middle of the hallway, he led Blaine to the common room. He made a mental note to thank Mr. Shuester later. I guess I didn’t need to run. I was worried about nothing.