This happened during rumors

"Bye Quinn see you tomorrow" said a sad Stacey. Quinn hugged Stacey and opened e door "Bye Stacey, bye Stevie" said Quinn. " I'll walk you to your car Quinn" said Sam. Sam shut the door and walked with "I'll see you tomorrow?" asked Sam. Uh ya" answered Quinn "I have a question for you Sam". "What is it Quinn?". "Why'd we break up.

Well because you cheated on me with Finn" said Sam. "Yes but you believed the other story how'd you figure it out?" asked Quinn. "I uh well santana" said Sam "Quinn look I'll see you tomorow I don't want to talk ab-". "Sam" she said cutting him off "I want to get back together with you". "but your with Finn" he said " I don't have to anymore" Quinn said reaching for a kiss. Sam found himself kissing Quinn. Sam pulled away and said "ok"

Sam and quinn