My Glee StoryEdit

Hi! My name is Rachel Corcoran. My biological parents are Santana Lopez and Sam Evens. My foster mother is Shelby Corcoran. Santana and Sam had to give me up because they were very young to have me, only 17. My big sister, Beth, is two years older than me and is a senior at WMHS. I have light brown hair( my father's natural hair color), tan skin( thanks mom) and big brown eyes(mom again). I also have nice, big boobs and a tight ass from cheerleading. I was named after Shelby's biological daughter.

I'm in the middle of English(not paying attention) when I get a text from my sex buddy, Keiran Puckerman. His text reads: Missin' u. that sex last night was rad. hope we get to do it again soon. K. I text back with: Miss u2. ur rite about the sex. hope we do 2. R. He sends another with: Tell me about ur panties. Me: Not wearing any. Him: Sexy Me: See u at breadstix at 8? Him: sure. I'm really worried because my periods late. Oh God.

I just took a pregnancy test and it was positive! OMG! How is he going to deal? He is dating Leah Hudson. She's a slut and so am I. He's gonna have to choose. I'm gonna have to choose weather to keep this baby or not! I'm going to Breadstix now.

I just came back. It was pure HELL telling him. He started to cry. I said that we don't need to keep the baby. He said that we have to keep the baby. The same thing happened with his dad with Beth. What am I going to do?

Hi! Me again! I have decided to keep the baby so that it doesn't have to go through with what I have. I have told my mom and she is happy for me. She said that it was a good choise to keep the baby. Keiran told his mom( Tina) as she would care the most. She is asian and is quite disapointed. Noah(his dad) is also quite disapointed but knows what we're going through. I'm totally getting kicked off the cheerios.

I was texting my BFF, Lola Chang, when it slips out that I'm preggers! This is how the convo went:

Me: Hey!

Her: Hola! :)

Me: Wats up w/ u and Toben Flanagan?

Her: NOTHING!! whats up with u and Puckerman?

Me: well we had crazy ass sex 4 nites ago

Her: OMG! he has a gf!

Me: I know but he has 2 break up w/ her if he wants to be part of the baby's life.

Her: U arent! omg u are preggo!

Me: I am.

Then I signed off! Lola is going to tell everyone! she's the schools biggest gossip! HELP!!